Mahogany Dresser

This mahogany dresser has dovetailed drawer dividers and stand. There is a bead molding around all drawer openings as well as a molded top. Note the continuous grain in the top two drawers. 

Shaker Bookcase

This is a copy of a bookcase from the mid 1700s on display in a library in the Shaker village of Sabbathday Lake, Maine USA. The Shakers believed in understated elegance and of course "a place for everything and everything in its place". The refinement of this piece- made in Cherry- is enhanced by the arched doors that lift the gaze towards the complex molding. The lower case has a shelf, which could also be customized with drawers. 

Hanging Book Cases with Glass Doors

These book cases are finished with a distressed look. The doors prevent dust buildup on the books

Fire Wood Box

This custom box is made of Ash and finished in buffed oil. The "finger joints" or "box joints" provide incredible strength and the alternating end and face grain gives a nice simple detail to the corners. This box has a modern feel to it, but could be made to look older by using panel and frame assembly instead.

Linen Cabinet

This linen closet (used for kitchen ware) is made from recycled pine flooring. The lumber came out of a 150 year old barn in Pennsylvania USA. The warm look of the old pine and the remnants of history are evident when looking at the closet up close.


This  movable cabinet was made to make use of an irregular space with the purpose of allowing access to a concealed water heater when needed.  

Linen Chest

This linen chest is the perfect family heirloom to care for your linen. It is made in Cherry with interior panels that are made in Cedar, which is a natural deterrent for moths and other bugs. Cedar also provides a wonderful fragrance for linen to smell fresh even after months in storage.

French Side Table

This table is the perfect accent piece with its Cabriol legs, delicate hardware, and stunning grain pattern of the African Mahogany.